The RGS-IBG, VOP collection

How to request a digital image without a watermark?
The digital images numbered RGS-IBG 1 to 10 are already available for purchase through the RGS-IBG Picture Library these images are noted as e.g.- Picture Library S0000232

The remaining digital images RGS-IBG 11 – 19 were scanned but to date (11.2014) have not been added to the RGS Picture Library – to purchase them please contact the RGS-IBG through their website

The RGS-IBG digital images are supplied only on agreement of the RGS-IBG Terms and Conditions and must be credited to the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG).

The Key words show two sets of numbers

RGS-IBG Call number    e.g. RGS-IBG call no: 089224
And Scan number          e.g. scan no: S0025581 – this is also the images file number.

In correspondence please quote both numbers and include a thumbnail copy if appropriate.



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Terms and Conditions


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