Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)


Who do I contact if I can't see the images and just get error message.
A Please contact GTWHI and quote the image number, they will inform the web managers and make sure the fault is corrected as soon as possible.
Please state if the missing image is urgent for your research or just something you noticed as you browsed through, and thank your for help in keeping the site as free from error as possible.
Q Why is there a watermark?
A The watermark is there to protect the copyright of the images. The owners of the images are many and various. If you wish to own an image without a watermark, please click on " more details click here", next to each thumbnail image, and contact the collection owner directly.
Q Why are the watermarks different?
A Each collection has a different 'owner' the resolution and watermarks are determined by each owner.
Q How can I contact the owner?
A Go to the collections page click on 'more information' and you will see the owner's contact there.
Q Are there more images that I can see in each owner's collections?
A Archive owners are always adding images to their archives, the ones you see on VOP may have increased in number, and each online archive site may have other images you will be interested in. To find out, more click on the web address for each archive source.
Q A collection owner does not have a website, why?
A Some of our collections come from professional archives which will have a website and their catalogues online. Other collections come from private owners who have kindly let us scan their images, these owners do not have websites or catalogues online so the VOP collection is all they have online.
Q Will the images I purchase be the same resolution as seen on VOP?
A In some cases yes, as this may be the only resolution available and the original has been destroyed through age, but in most cases the images seen on this site have been reduce from much bigger files.
Q Why are some of the photographs blurred?
A They may be blurred for several reasons, one that they were taken out of focus in the first instance, secondly because many of the photos have been scanned from tiny images without much detail.
Q Some of the images are not good scans?
A The images have been scanned by different organisations and over a period of time, if some scans are below your expected quality level, please contact the owner, they may be able to rescan or adjust their original image.
Q The image I want to buy is very badly discoloured what can I do?
A Many of these images come from old photographic techniques such as slide film (colour positives) and negatives, which deteriorate over time, some brands worse than others. They may also have under gone poor quality processing so the digital original will match what is seen on the film image. The owner may be able to offer a colour adjustment service or you may need to adjust the image yourself once you purchase the image. Please discuss with the collection owner.
Q I have some old family photographs which may be of interest- how do I upload them onto you website?
A You are very welcome to contribute, please find the email address on "contact us" - or visit our office together with your collection if possible.
Q How will the owner send me the image? And how do I pay?
A Each collection owner will have their own system for sending images and payment, please contact them directly. VOP is purely an online access to thumbnails and watermarked versions of their images.


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