Visions of Penang is an archives research website designed for those curious about Penang's rich cultural past – our heritage, it allows a view into Penang's archives and opens up the fascinating past.

How to use
If you have ever wondered how Market Street got its name?
Just click on the search, type 'Market St', use 'exact phrase', then tick 'check all' and you will see many thumbnails appear, one shows the old central market, that used to be there.

If you have ever wondered what Beach Street looked like in the 1920s?
Just click on the search, type 'Beach St', use 'exact phrase', then tick 'check all' and you will see many thumbnails appear.

If you just want to look through all the photographs on the archives, just click on the Category Tab and click again on the category you want, they are all there for you to browse.

New archive uploads
Every year we add more and more images to the archives on line.
Coming soon are images from the World famous book 'Streets of George Town',
and many more images by the same photographer / author.


What's in store  
About us tells you who we are and what we aim to do for you.
Browse Collections allows you to see the image collections from different archive sources which include photographs, maps, postcards, etc. For example, the Wade Collection is a set of 600 postcards presented for VOP online archives by Mr Malcolm Wade. The JUPEM Collection is a collection of Revenue Survey maps presented by Penang's Survey department, JUPEM, for the VOP online archives.
These include the famous Kelly Maps.
Search allows you to search a specific item such as a map or photograph of a street or photograph or a personality.
FAQs just in case we can't get back to you quickly when you contact us with a query – we have listed Frequently Asked Questions with answers that we hope will match you question.
Links connects you to many other archive websites with data on Penang.
Contact us lets you know how you can reach us with any queries or helpful suggestion about the site.
How you can help too If you have any images of Penang in days gone by, and would like to share them with us, please contact GTWHI
Terms and Conditions Explains the terms and conditions of use in general, as well as rights to access images etc. Please read before you begin your search.



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