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The Wade Collection refers to the collection of postcards assembled by Malcolm Wade for publication in Wade, M., and Khoo, S. N. (2003) Penang Postcard Collection 1899-1930s, published by Janus Print and Resources and republished by Areca Books. These postcards show the buildings, streets, everyday life and grand occasions on Penang Island and mainland – Province Wellesley between the boom years of 1899 and 1930s.


How to request a copy without a watermark?
The images are copyright to Malcolm Wade. A higher resolution non-watermark copy may be purchased from Areca Books


Each image has been given a scan number – e.g. WPPC_56 – is for reference when you contact the Library.
WPPC – Wade Penang Postcard Collection – this code is the same for each image.
56 – indicates the page number in the book where the images is found – this number is different for each image.


Where to buy the book?
The original book - Penang Postcard Collection 1899–1930s, is still available from;


Areca Books
70 Lebuh Acheh
10200 Penang, Malaysia
Tel : + 60 (0) 4-2610307  
Fax: + 60 (0) 4-2633970
Email: arecabooks@gmail.com
Website: www.arecabooks.com


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If you have any evidence and further information about the scenes captured in the postcard images – we would like to hear from you.


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