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The National Archives in the United Kingdom, holds a vast collection of records relating to Britain and the areas of the world of her various historical administrations. These records can be explored on their website catalogue or at their archive centre in Kew, Surrey, UK.

The watermarked images uploaded to Visions of Penang, comprise drawings researched specifically for VOP and include those from the government public works department, or its forerunner, for George Town and Penang Island. These include proposal for Weld Quay and Prangin Canal, as well as maps of both Penang Island and the mainland.

Although the images are shown individually they were often part of a set of drawings for included in reports. Those extracted from other documents have been noted as such and the reference for the main documents is given. The main documents have not been included on VOP and access to these documents should be checked with the National Archives UK


How to request a copy without a watermark?
The images uploaded on to The National Archives UK, VOP Collection are subject to various forms of copyright protection. Guidelines on copyright and the re-use of the National Archives UK images featured can be found on the National Archives UK website.

Images can be purchased without a watermark from the National Archives UK and the cost will vary according to required use and relevant copyright.


The title of each image is the code used by the National Archives UK, when searching their catalogue.
E.g. type
MR 1/1657/6-22 in the NAUK catalogue search window and you will find Government Hospital, Sepoy Lines information.


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