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The Jabatan Warisan - Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang, The Heritage Department of the Municipal Council of Penang Island, is the source of a protected collection of historic building plans, submitted, over the years, by owners or their architects and draftsmen to the then approving authorities. Currently the earliest digitalised plan is 1904.

Since 2008 MPPP has been digitalising the Historic Building Plans (HBP) and with the assistance of GTWHI, carried out a paper conservation programme, allowing the more delicate drawings to be conserved and photographed for further digitalisation.

The programme of conservation and digitalisation is on going therefore a search request to the Heritage Department may discover further drawings and documents, relevant to your search.


How to request a search?
If you have identified a digital drawing that you wish to view or if your have a search request for MPPP please put your request in writing to or visiting the address below. http://www.mppp.gov.my/

Each item has a number e.g. HBP 10.1234
HBP = Historic Building Plan
10.1234 – refers to the number given when the drawings were first submitted for approval by the authorities of the day.
Please quote this code number in your search request letter / fax / email.


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Email: fazreen@mppp.gov.my

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