About Us

Visions of Penang (VOP) is a website designed and run by the George Town World Heritage Inc (GTWHI) a bunch of young (at heart), experienced (or getting there), enthusiastic people keen to share with you what we know and love about Penang and her rich heritage. http://www.gtwhi.com.my

What we do:
We are collecting together as many old photographs, maps, postcards etc, as possible in order to build up a Knowledge Bank on Penang's rich historic past.

Our team, involved in searching, selecting, researching, reviewing the material and designing the website have just one goal - to share what we can find, with you.

Our Aim:
The VOP archives-on-line images come from collections currently scattered around the world in many different archives, once found Vision of Penang, will either create links for you to access from this site or if permitted, add them to our own archives.

Some historic material has never been digitalised, archived and catalogued. In cases like these GTWHI aims to find funding and run projects, big and small, to carry out this work, and ensure the historic material is easy to research.

The initial sponsorship for the site design and set up in 2011 came from the Think City Grant's Programme, funding agency. They also sponsored the cataloguing and publication of the first 200 Kelly maps, and in 2012 are part sponsoring the cataloguing of the Wade Collection.
2012 the Penang State Government has been the main supporter for the continuing work of VOP.


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